Alpacas Around
the House
Welcome to Alpacas Around the House!

We're located in Manatee County, Florida on 5 acres in rural Myakka City.  Our farm is still under construction
(Click Here to see Barn Building Pix).
2 horses (Well, 1 1/2... ones a Mini...)
13 birds (a blue & gold macaw, 2 cockatoos,  a cockatiel, 9 Sebastopol geese, 2 ducks )
1 llama, and 1 alpaca (all rescues of some sort)
        (Although not as valuable as alpaca, llama fiber is still desirable for spinning, so llamas are a plus!)
We currently have a small herd of various animals.  Our primary focus is raising them for their fiber and have therefore chosen a
variety of colors.  In the pictures on the next pages you will see our alpacas range from white to black and varieties in between.  
Future Plans

In addition to actually building our house and farm, we have plans to increase our herd.  Although we haven't updated the site as
recently as we'd like, p
lease stop by often to check the current status.
While our primary business is raising alpacas for their fiber, we also have:
Everyone's helping!
Help from the 'pacas.