Alpaca Pictures
Just a few pictures of our alpaca herd...
Winnie with Zorro and Blaze (used a camera phone, sorry about the quality)
Blaze and Zorro, our first alpacas
Shelby, our Suri boy.
The herd before shearing
The herd cushed
We'll be adding more pictures regularly, so check back!
Shelby, looking cool
Alpacas with our Arabians
Shearing Day 2006 - Click Here!
Nick with Cavalier
From the second floor of the barn... Shelby's taking it easy!
Blaze, Fabio, and Cavalier on alert.
Another shot of Blaze, Fabio, and Cavalier.  Cappy (llama) in background.
Cavalier in shade under barn, Spirit the Paso Fino in the background.
Shearing Day 2007 - Click Here!
In case you heard Camelids and Equines don't get along...
Cavalier and Fabio heading for the pasture; the others are already out there.
Cavalier and Fabio heading our to join the rest of the herd.