Alpacas Around
the House
Barn in Progress, starting with the poles & up to the roof...
View from the top floor, looking South
L-R Stan John Steve
Both rows of 6 25' poles in and cemented
Steve giving directions... not sure WHAT they were...
First side
The first poles going in
Primo helping arrange the tools
Looking up, with view of outside poles
West side of barn
Lookng North
Stairs to second floor (14' up)
Winnie the Barn Builder!
Looking down the stairs from the top
North end of the barn, still unclad...
Alpacas seem to enjoy being under the barn.
Larger view of shaded area
Second floor ceiling in providing shade, obviously appreciated!
Side roof rafters going up.
Another view of rafters on 10-13-06
Looking North under barn.
Nick in the horse trough... Better than a shower?
Nothing like a relaxing, cool dip after a
hard day barn building!
Starting rafters on West side, East side done.
Another view of West side
Finished second floor panels
View of Cappy and Pete (llamas) from second floor
West roof, just 7 more panels!
Underside of East roof, covered!
East roof, from above
West roof from 2nd floor
After a slight delay, we are back working on the barn again.  We have finished the lower roof, and are
now working on the upper roof.  Following are some pictures from June.
First floor roof finished.
Starting to frame in the second story roof.  Stan, our son, testing the construction.
A little more serious picture of Stan at work on the roof...
Winnie and our grandson Cody marking and cutting rafters.
Steve screwing in hurricane ties for the rafters.
Roof ready for the rafters.
Rafters being built and staged.  Note the pump truck in the background...  Check out our House Pix page for progess on the house!
Roof trusses going up.
Loft roof up and covered.
Sheathing over loft complete
Shingles going on
Framing in place for overhead loft.
View inside the loft before walls are enclosed.
Flooring of Sky Deck
Herringbone inside flooring
Lighting installed in loft, great for crafts!
Loft is now completed and in use for crafts.  I will r to add some additional interior shots, but our focus is now on completing the house.