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We are members or supporters of the following organizations.  Please click on the logo to visit their web sites:
Florida Alpaca Breeders Association (FABA)
Link to FABA
Florida Alpaca and Llama Association, Inc. (FALA)
Link to FALA
Alpaca Web
We have associations with the following groups as well:
SouthEast Llama Rescue (SELR)
SELR Mission Statement

To protect the quality of life and improve the
well being of abused, neglected, unwanted,
and behaviorally unmanageable llamas
through prevention, education, intervention,
placement, and lifelong care.
Click here to see some pictures from the
FALA November 2006 Meeting and Picnic
FALA Picnic Link
Florida Farm Bureau
Painting Horse Gallery
Painting Horse Gallery

What's unique about this gallery are the painters: they're horses.
Romeo and Juliet paint on canvas with a brush in their mouth,
unhaltered, free to come and go as they please.
Read their stories, meet their friends, and even purchase their