Alpacas Around
the House
Now!  Llamas Around the House, too...!
On October 12, 2006 we added 3 new rescue llamas to our herd.  These animals came from a foster home associated with
South East Llama Rescue (SELR) whose link is on our
Contact Us page.  If you are interested in adopting a rescue llama,
consider contacting them.
Steve and Winnie with Eli, Cappy, and Pete
Winnie with Pete and Cappy (background)
Steve with Eli
Cappy with Eli in background
Pete munching hay
Pete and Eli... seems like they're enjoying their new home!
Lovin' it!
Pete cushed in the shade
Cappy cushed
Talk about a classic llama look, Cappy...
Pete relaxing in the dust
Pete on alert, with Eli and Shelby in the background.
New herd-Alpacas and Llama.  Everyone's getting along fine!
Click to hear the Llama Song!
Click on this picture or text to hear the "Llama Song"... it's a
real kick, but don't blame me if you can't get it out of your
head once you hear it!
... have you ever
seen a llama, kiss a
llama on the llama...?

Llama, llama, duck...
On November 5th, 2006, we added 2 new female llamas to our herd.  Gemstone (14) and Beauty
(11) are older ladies and devoted to each other, and we have agreed to keep them together.  
They have joined our herd and are fitting right in.
Beauty and Gemstone, new home.
Gemstone and Beauty
Checking out the new digs...
Joining the family
Gemstone (Gem)
The Girls with Dahaba
As always, we will be adding more pictures regularly.  
All our animals are family, so we take lots of pictures!
Eli and Pete
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FALA November 2006 Meeting and Picnic